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August 2012

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September last year

Totally sick! A year ago I had started last year of high school at the Swedish School in Nairobi IN AFRICAAAAAH! We went on safari, we danced and we sang with the Maasai, we went to the movies, we ate yogurt ice cream, we climbed trees, I learned Swahili, we tested Nairobi’s night life, I learned to never let anyone else cut my bangs, I made a video in Spanish and I bungee jumped skyward.

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How to say my name

Mongolian name-giving tradition: the family gathers and writes down their suggestion for the baby’s name on a piece of paper. Then you put the suggestions into a bowl of uncooked rice, from which the parents pick a piece of paper et voilà – your baby has a name. Although now I’m not sure how many people actually practice this – but it’s how I got my name!

My full name is a  19 letters long Tibetan Goddess’ name (even though I’m Mongolian…) which is impossible to pronounce. So I got the nickname Yanjaa – a name that very few people master to say. Be a dear, be unique, be among the elite – press play and say my name.


Old picture from Kenya