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February 2013

Animals, Scenery

Oranjestad Bay Area

We had a long stroll in Oranjestad and the most beautiful part was just by the pier where there were beautiful fish to be seen when looking down the pier and herds of iguana by the rocky cliffsides.


Oranjestad City Plaza

Some more pictures from Oranjestad. Everything looks like Disneyland because the houses are colorful and filled with imaginititve lines. The houses are like model houses that they decided to make real.


Eagle Beach

Eagle beach was just a bus ride away and it was a more breathtaking and secluded beach than the one near our place at Palm Beach. It was incredibly windy so we would be standing on the ocean bottom one second and gulp five litres of water the next.


Steak dinner in Noord

There was this nice Argentine grill place that offered a 16 oz tenderloin so we kind of had to eat there after swimming all day at Eagle beach.


Oceanside nightwalk

Bon nochi! We (me, Agnes, Andris) had a very nice time at the beach tonight. We saw conga lines and ate delicious seafood accompanied by beautiful live music. The performances where all arubanised versions of pop songs… trés interesànt.