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March 2013


Flight to Curaçao

There was an unexpected airport tax that you have to pay at the airport when flying between the ABC islands which didn’t matter too much but was ust uncomfortable because it came out of nowhere. When on the flight I panicked like a turtle because I remembered that the day before we fly back to Stockholm – we’ve booked a skydive in Aruba. The reality of the fact that I’m paying someone to fly me in a fully functioning airplane and then having me jump from it… wee bit scary.


Morning glory in Aruba

We’re hanging out at the beach until we have to head back to the hotel and pick up our bags and call for a cab. Aruba was fun, but I think Curacao will be better…

Animals, Scenery

Random pictures from Aruba

Posing on the stairs outside the hotel.

The “I heart Aruba”-sign in Noord.

A very pimped bible.

A cute puppy that belonged to David at the Skydiving center.