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April 2013


My restaurant is amazing

Hey there. I’m writing this from the restaurant. Today feels amazing because our new sushi chef (my dearest mother) is so freakin’ fast and good at making delicious avantgarde sushi. She makes these insanely tasty salmon rolls and a nigiri embedded with octopie salad. The sushi she makes is mindblowing and I’m so proud of her for being able to pick up the art of sushi so fast and then do it with so much love!

Old pic from a Hindu Temple in Nairobi.

Love, vardagsglädje

Super Cereal Blogging

It was a cozy day in general. I worked, worked out, studied, applied for schools, got my lashes and nails done and spent the night with Emilia. We talked about girlie stuff and later met Hedda and her friends on my way home to Filip. I can’t explain how nice it is to be with her, but I can steal a quote from Miss Angellou about relationships in general at the end of this post.


Brb Emiliana time

Emilia comes back tomorrow, which means I get to spend time with her —> which means I get my camera back —> which means we get to talk France!