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July 2013


The Top 3 best bubble tea spots in the world

The first time I drank bubble tea was in Akihabara, Tokyo. It was love at first taste and oh my God how I became addicted. In Stockholm you can perhaps only get it at Yoi! on Sveavägen at the moment, but when we’ve perfected our recipe, we will eventually add it to the menu at Kin-Maru as well 😉 . Since I have not tested bubble tea everywhere in the world I can only give you a good list of the best bubble tea places in the cities I’ve been in.

Morning happiness with my bubble tea in Stockholm

The place in Akihabara that had the most delicious bubble tea has unfortunately closed. Since then, however, I’ve tested bubble tea in lots of places and these three are the best.

1. Vivi Bubble Tea in Chinatown in New York.
2. Bubbleology near Leicester Square, London.
3. Gong Cha here and there in Singapore.

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Not all those who wander are lost…

All that is gold does not glitter might be my favourite poem ever. Here’s som music to go with that poem.

More than ten thousand people have seen my pictures, videos and writings this week. I remember how over-excited I was the first week I blogged and four thousand people saw my painting. But this feels different. People are engaged. So many that have helped me with languages, singing, photography and so many that have asked for recipes, my pictures and how my language learning is coming along. It feels nice fucking amazing and cozy. I used to have this appetite for food, for love and my life but when all things horrible happened at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 it was just gone. Now it feels like it’s definitely back and with a vengeance. I’m re-learning Japanese by watching Attack on Titan, getting photography jobs, developing Sims-like game (that I might release on the blog…) and food has gotten its former glorious taste back. And even though things still might feel heavy at times – the aching is soothed by my mom, my boyfriend, my family, my friends and random lovely strangers on the internet who believe in me. So next week I’m going to go for more surrealistic pictures and cozy music because that makes me feel excited just thinking about it!


Swedish summer house dinner

Yesterday we had dinner at my boyfriend’s mother and godmothers summer house! Super cosy and so effing nice to talk to his family because everyone is so collected, cool, pleasant and well-read. We talked about everything from the fact that elefantfars means popcorn in Farsi and the brutally honest statistics that American dating sites have. We had grilled salmon and roasted pork that we ate with salad, béarnaise sauce and baguettes. It was so good and it was so fun to talk to them, I didn’t remember to take pictures until we were eating homemade black currant cheesecake with blackcurrants from their garden.


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Underwater photography

My nice underwater camera has done so very well in spite of lots of trips to the bottom of the sea, being buried in sand on so many beaches and many many late nights just in these two years that I’ve had it. Still crazy how many great pictures it can take … and the horrible pictures it can take when we use the panorama because it has a habit of chopping peoples faces in half. Here’s Andris beautiful face for those interested. The images here are from when Filip and I were at Cala Conta in northern Ibiza. There were also small brownish-red jellyfish.


We are bound to others

I hold him in my arms. He is dying and I know there is nothing I can do to change it. Dramatic and deafening but distant music is playing while I carry him through the chaotic crowd. The others are helping other injured people and animals. But me, who wants to help others because it is still too late for him, I can not do anything other than hold him and sit down with a lump in my throat. He is as calm as one can be when having realized that it is one’s last moments and I try to hold him and make him feel loved until the very end as best as possible. I just feel great shame that something so beautiful could be with me for so long. An ungrateful soul like me who could not see how lucky I was to have him. The only thing that could almost make up for our lost time together is to make those who are still with me smile and laugh. With that thought, I feel him leave me.
A person’s value is not in her actions or what she says. It is the sum of how she makes others feel. It’s the only thing you remember clearly when you wake up.

Photo source. Music from Cloud Atlas.