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How to say my name

Mongolian name-giving tradition: the family gathers and writes down their suggestion for the baby’s name on a piece of paper. Then you put the suggestions into a bowl of uncooked rice, from which the parents pick a piece of paper et voilà – your baby has a name. Although now I’m not sure how many people actually practice this – but it’s how I got my name!

My full name is a  19 letters long Tibetan Goddess’ name (even though I’m Mongolian…) which is impossible to pronounce. So I got the nickname Yanjaa – a name that very few people master to say. Be a dear, be unique, be among the elite – press play and say my name.


Old picture from Kenya

Beauty, Scenery

Lake Magadi

So today we spent more than ten hours driving back and forth to get to this lake bordering Tanzania. It’s a one of a kind geyser-like lake measuring at over 50 degrees Celsius. Although we got to see Masai people, rainbows, gorgeous scenery etc once we got there – we weren’t allowed to swim in the lake for some strange weather-related reason. The school bus was excruciatingly moist so I’m exhausted and going to hit the sack now. See you tomorrow!

The effects of my movement

Sanna, Emma, Linnea

Sanna, Emma

Schneaky Lena on the bus home
Gorgeous mountain
Ze East African Rainbow
Single rainbow halfway across the sky!!! What doesn’t it mean? 

Beauty, vardagsglädje

Sunshine daisies, butter mellow…Sale el sol…Sunshine and daisies – Todaysies!



I’m happy like a fool.
Filip tells me it’s very nice over there… and hey it’s only four days until I’m there too. This is really a good life. From Saturday on – there has been a shower of compliments my way. Some of the girls from school gathered ’round me when Ann and I came late to Vodoo and told me some very personal thoughts about me. That I was a drömtjej – the dreamgirl – don’t have to study to get good grades, I eat whatever the fig I want and am getting a nicer booty by the week, don’t work-out, pick up languages in places where others would only pick up diseases, re-arrange my trips left and right and am going to spend 8 splendid days with the person I adore.

 I’m careful not to take it too seriously, these heavy compliments – but it does make me  appreciate every inch of me more. And I do feel like a dreamgirl.