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Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

By the Maritime Museum we listened to epic music out in the open. I love live orchestras because it usually isn’t like pop/rock concerts where the sound is so loud (like that Alice Cooper concert) we’re all just in there for a session of permanent ear damage. Jeez, I sound like an old lady. I might be one though because looking around at the crowd there it was mostly elderly people or their grandkids. The coziest part was when my lovely man and I lied down in the grass and held hands while they played Beethoven’s fifth. It was one of those summer days when you eat cinnamon buns and listen to Sarah Dawn Finer singing about what a wonderful world it is and you realize all the reasons why are around you. Tens of thousands of people coming together to just listen to some music for no other reason than that’s it’s beautiful.

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New Years Eve in Ho Chi Minh

Original postdate 01/01/2012 @ 06:32

So this is the Behind the Scenes for the Ho Chi Minh, New Years Party of 2012 vid. (Later blocked in 276 countries thanks to the U.S…)

New Years Eve (3)

We flew from Phuket to Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh and arrived just in time for dinner at Saigon Square. First thing that struck me about the Vietnamese was their beauty and their open body language. Huge lips and round eyes that reminded me of Michelle Phan, the make-up guru. The second thing is that their currency, the dong is used in thousands. A coke costs about 10k and a nice buffet can cost well over 600k… which feels like insane amounts.

New Years Eve (4)

The third thing that struck me was that the artists playing got no love from the crowd of thousands, but then they announced three DJ’s and everyone went apeshizzle. The Vietnamese sure loved their dubstep and house… Remixes of David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Rihanna played all night long and everyone went crazy whenever there was a drop.

New Years Eve (1)

Then there were dance battles emerging randomly in the crowd. So friggin’ sweet. And when I looked around – EVERYONE was getting into it. Nam veterans and 5 year-old boys alike. I have a profound respect and love for Vietnamese culture now. I mean, everything about that night was so mindblowing. I’m used to Asians being reserved and politely nod at concerts or smile at stand-up comedies but this was… Insane.

New Years Eve (2)

New Years Eve (5)