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I eat most of my meals with people I enjoy because it heightens the experience of the food. I also try to eat in when it’s grey and cloudy but I go out for food whenever there’s some sunshine (like having sushi in the yard), so those are my tips for a good meal. As for breakfast I just try to eat as much as possible because I sometimes forget to eat something for lunch and then I just end up eating whatever is in the fridge for dinner (a cheese last week for example. I think you read “some cheese”, I mean a whole cheese, like one of these babies). Now I’m going to a Power Yoga class, to balance out my weird eating habits… 😉


Flavored mojitos on the beach

So our faddergrupp were supposed to meet at Mr. Örebros place last night to watch Sweden vs. Germany and lots of random things happened that I’ll tell you about when I have a card reader so I can upload pictures of what happened. It was more random than when a guy dressed as a pig gave us candy and bloody maries. Tonight we’re going to out for dinner at a new venue and then to see the preview of “About Time”. I’ll take pics, but I’ll upload them when I get my card reader  back.



Thanks to the lovely team at UBER (a.k.a. the best cab service ever) me and my love just got a cab ride to Vurma at Skånegatan, had lunch and a ride back home for free… FUDGE YEAH! Everyday luxury is nice.

Pestomarinerad kycklingfilé, balsamicoreduktion, 
parmesanostcremé och tagliatelle. Så gott att det kittlades i halsen för varje tugga!

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Food, School of Business

Bowling and a dinner at Vapiano!

Thursday: After some hardcore studying microeconomic theory at Sture Bibliotek I took a walk to Vapiano where I met up with some lovely people from the School of Business for dinner. I also randomly ran into three different friends there… Vapiano is apparently very popular at the start of fall 😉 . After the awesome dinner conversation we headed towards Marion’s for Bowling (where my love and I bowled last year) and then to a cozy little bar.

The machine glitched and gave me a strike for no reason

Our happy faces

I try to go for a varied diet so I eat different colors of gummy bears and switch between red and white wine.

My real dinner. Pasta funghi!

Parminator in the zone!

Ah, the joy of bowling!

A clip from when I made a spare last time we went bowling


Cozy dinnersCena con mis favoritos otra vezFavoriter i repris

Tuesday morning I woke up with a lovely picture taken by Em of me and my love at that pre-party that became a party. I got it the night before when my loveliest people made an astounding vegetarian dinner while I sat there and told jokes and ate chips. Their apartment is so nice I get jealous for a second before realizing how much they deserve to be there and be in love.