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Lipstick from Kanebo! Anthurium is the favourite <3

Breakfast (1 of 4)

Pic from big in Japan

Yey! I got three free lipsticks from Kanebo! Which is awesome because they cost $30 a stick. I’m not that much of a make-up user because I think lenses, lashes, moisturizer and a big smile does the trick for my face… I’m actually pretty bad at putting on make-up, but I don’t realize that until I see the party pics the day after… “I don’t always use lipstick, but when I do it goes something like this“:

Hair/Skin/Nails, Party


First thing I do coming back to the city? Run to the hairdressers and then out to the club where we hung out with and met awesome people like always. I had so much fun last night I took no pictures but luckily Riz was on it 😉




The gorgeous couple – Danni & Marisa




How to break your bed

Yes. I slept so hard that I woke up and broke my bed. It snapped like a twig. This is the fifth bed I’ve broken in my life.

In other news – I’m headed to the rain forest from tomorrow until Friday! I’ve prepared some timed posts for you guys in case I don’t have internet (very likely…).

I’m going to the mall and get some malaria tablets now 🙂 . Kisses!

Lots of love 🙂

Barça!, Hair/Skin/Nails

Planning The World

Evening dudes. I know I wrote that I was going outside and all that but I ended up playing more Binding of Isaac and listening to the Joe Rogan Experience. I’m taking a break now so I’ll just sort out the materialistic things I want to do once I get to my favourite cities; Stockholm, Tokyo and Barcelona 😀


Flattering picture from my hotel room bed, Bangkok January 2012.

Doing eyelash extensions in Stockholm.

And buy boatloads of new nails, lenses and lashes in Tokyo.


Watch a game. Just watch one single game and feel all the happiness of the world cry through the seas of one hundred thousand culés.