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En mi biblioteca

What language should I write in? Ska man skriva på svenska bara för att underhålla sina vänner o necesito escribir en español para los randoms que han encontrado mi linda blog? Ninataka kuandika swahili lakini lini siishi Kenya siwezi kumbuka kila neno kwamba nataka kusema. And I just don’t have the will to install Mongolian letters on my keyboard and I find English-Mongolian writing weird and inaccurate most of the time. So I guess I can just give you a song called “Feel The Love” that I’m in love with right now.

♫ I can feel the love, can you feel it too? ♪

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September last year

Totally sick! A year ago I had started last year of high school at the Swedish School in Nairobi IN AFRICAAAAAH! We went on safari, we danced and we sang with the Maasai, we went to the movies, we ate yogurt ice cream, we climbed trees, I learned Swahili, we tested Nairobi’s night life, I learned to never let anyone else cut my bangs, I made a video in Spanish and I bungee jumped skyward.

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Our favourite bar in Ibiza

We developed a favorite joint in Ibiza that I never learned the name of. We sat there looking at the strippers recruiting people to the clubs. One night we saw a table of very euhm… charismatic girls one of which I recognized. When they left our favorite bartender told us they were actresses of  – “the world’s best pornsite”.


In the clip you can hear us in Spanish and also the recruiters/strippers.