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Yanjaa riding an elk moose deer

Was watching The Hobbit when I realized 9-year-old me and 900-year-old Thranduil have some things in common… This blog is shit right now. There is no bad-assery, no mountain climbing, no Swahili, no drinking cows blood with the Masaai, no fermented mare’s milk on the steppes of Mongolia with the family and it’s not because cool things aren’t happening in life. It’s just that… there’s too much shit on this blog that is so epicly boring that I can’t stand it and I’m thinking about deleting all of it. And just do more elk-riding posts.

Animals, moving, Scenery

Underwater photography

My nice underwater camera has done so very well in spite of lots of trips to the bottom of the sea, being buried in sand on so many beaches and many many late nights just in these two years that I’ve had it. Still crazy how many great pictures it can take … and the horrible pictures it can take when we use the panorama because it has a habit of chopping peoples faces in half. Here’s Andris beautiful face for those interested. The images here are from when Filip and I were at Cala Conta in northern Ibiza. There were also small brownish-red jellyfish.


Ya estoy de vuelta

SUMMER’S HERE, HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE YOUR DEAR YANJAA IS HERE AS WELL! It’ll be cozy, beautiful, wonderful and hilarious from here on. And you are all really lovely for nagging me to write more, really.


Climbing Session #1

We went climbing today. Filip was awesome at it. That is all. No, it was fun. I was as speed-climber and Filip had good technique KA-pow.