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My Wardrobe

My Wardrobe


Good day! I started the morning with a BodyBalance class at the gym and then I’ve studied some microeconomic theory. As I said before, there’s a trip brewing that I really want to have after my two big exams so it’s distracting me from studying. Speaking of traveling, mom got back from Frankfurt yesterday and she brought me gifts from Victoria’s Secret – YAY! Use the coupon code FALL13 or EARLYANGEL in the online store to get massive discounts on selected items. NOW – off to the microeconomic seminar!

Picture below from Barcelona El Prat Airport, summer of 2012.

Winter of 2010 – buying the entire store in New York for my 17th birthday.

My Wardrobe

Seasonal outfit

After a delicious brunch, me and my lovely novio went for a walk in the shopping malls and cobblestone streets. I might be the wimpiest person in the world when it comes to cold, even in super sunny Stockholm I have to bring my sweater along in case of cold winds. Maybe that’s why everyone else thought Kenya was excrutiatingly hot, while I thought it was just right…

1. Red waist belt from Burberry Vietnam 2. Wool jumper from XLVT Hungaria 3. Striped dress from Zara 4. Silver sneakers from Converse 5. Shades permanently borrowed from Naomi

My Wardrobe

Thursday Shopping

I’m writing this on a break from the restaurant so I’ll have to make this short and honestly – who cares that much about shopping anyways? Anywhoo yesterday was my first day of shopping in months. I bought a mountain of beauty products, a pair of simple jeans and some kick-ass shoes from Tiamo.

My Wardrobe


Morning! Today’s my first day off the restaurant! I’m going shopping for important shizniz and then to the island of Jo!

My Wardrobe

Hey nerds!

today – i’ve done stuff. i’m very proud of myself for having done said stuff. my eyes hurt from doing too much of that stuff. now i’m going to do more stuff. like dreaming away on the great escape from the world, but more on that later… i hope.

for now i am the luckiest girl in the world to have filip. and to have a nice booty despite my eating habits and non-existent exercising habits.

i hope you’re enjoying the casual tone of the blog, i know i am 😉