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A little party never killed nobody

We had our final dinner for the intro weeks of Stockholm School of Business, as I told you before… I was in a secret group of 22 new students doing cool things, so here are pics from that! Now… back to studying microeconomics and accounting.

Picture credit: Cecilia Eyem and Föreningen Ekonomerna – Stockholms Universitet

Party, School of Business

Stockholm School of Business parties

Our nation was France, so I dressed up as the Eiffel tower and Ms. Thatswhatshesaid was a mimer. Ermagehrd I just remembered we’re going to travel together on Sunday! EXCITEMENT!

The faddrar entertaining us new students with a lovely passionate dance routine

A student sittning at the School of Business is an evening of three-course dinners with lots of singing and performances + dancing and a confession booth! As usual it starts with a lovely förfest. The dress code varies but for this semester it’s 1 – countries, 2 – Disney! (each faddergrupp is assigned a Disney movie). 3 – Fanciness (suit and tie, evening gown).
Loads of performances happen throughout the night with competitions, humour clips, dancing, singing (including a special singing performance from the chairman himself) and so many more random entertainment events. The following video contains explicit material not appropriate for viewers under 18.

Pick-up line contest!

So in conclusion, a wonderfully fun and brilliant evening for laughing, singing, eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know one another (especially in the confession booth)!

Party, School of Business

Final ceremony banquet at the School of Business

Thursday night we had our final dinner for the intro weeks for us micronomists and we turned into economists. Prizes for best dressed, best new students, best fadder and the likes were given and there  were so many beautiful performances throughout the night and I was in one of the secret ones! We were 22 students picked out of 500 to perform the secret dance performance.

Yours truly

Faddrar doing their first routine and the winning group was Spain!
Cute company by my table
Winner of this years male micronomist and the saxophone we used for our secret performance.

Party, School of Business

On Thursdays we play lasertag and party

It’s difficult to be unhappy when you hang out with good people all the time, have interesting dinners/luncheons with great thinkers and go out dDet går ju inte att vara olycklig när man umgås med bra twice a week. Getting kissed when you wake up and getting to study something that you’re truly passionate about helps…! I’m so excited I feel a bit uncomfortable but I’m going to stop treating happiness like something strange. On to my Thursday!

The night started at Laserdome with Snickers ice cream and Gato Negro outside of the actual “the dome” where we played cards, darts, pinballs, chess and just hung out. I hurt myself incredibly in the last arena fight against our faddrarI saw it too much as The Hunger Games so I sprained my ankle and got an iPhone-sized bump on my forehead when I ran into a hiding spot that turned out to be a wall…

After a quick wardrobe change for me we met up at Sturecompagniet where we danced until our shoes couldn’t take no more. I scurried off to meet my friends and we sat at TGIF’s until closing time and then we talked about our financial dreams as we strolled along Strandvägen…