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Pure shores

Here are some other pics from when we cliff-jumped in northern Ibiza. Right now I don’t miss it that much because it is still so crazy hot and sunny in Stockholm every day! The only thing that is different now is that people would stare at me if I went out in a bikini here … But another thing that’s fun about Stockholm is that I am now freelancing for both Stockholm Banco (the new start-up newspaper that will be released in October) and the School of Business blog! On the other blog I will post about the student life every Sunday, so check it out to keep track of what us economists are doing!

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Not all those who wander are lost…

All that is gold does not glitter might be my favourite poem ever. Here’s som music to go with that poem.

More than ten thousand people have seen my pictures, videos and writings this week. I remember how over-excited I was the first week I blogged and four thousand people saw my painting. But this feels different. People are engaged. So many that have helped me with languages, singing, photography and so many that have asked for recipes, my pictures and how my language learning is coming along. It feels nice fucking amazing and cozy. I used to have this appetite for food, for love and my life but when all things horrible happened at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 it was just gone. Now it feels like it’s definitely back and with a vengeance. I’m re-learning Japanese by watching Attack on Titan, getting photography jobs, developing Sims-like game (that I might release on the blog…) and food has gotten its former glorious taste back. And even though things still might feel heavy at times – the aching is soothed by my mom, my boyfriend, my family, my friends and random lovely strangers on the internet who believe in me. So next week I’m going to go for more surrealistic pictures and cozy music because that makes me feel excited just thinking about it!

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Underwater photography

My nice underwater camera has done so very well in spite of lots of trips to the bottom of the sea, being buried in sand on so many beaches and many many late nights just in these two years that I’ve had it. Still crazy how many great pictures it can take … and the horrible pictures it can take when we use the panorama because it has a habit of chopping peoples faces in half. Here’s Andris beautiful face for those interested. The images here are from when Filip and I were at Cala Conta in northern Ibiza. There were also small brownish-red jellyfish.

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Drinking in Kumharas

For our second night out we decided to have drinks at this semi-beach club called Kumharas where they had lovely mojitos and usually a sunset view of the ocean. It reminded me of that time Jo and I had mojitos on a beach in Mombasa. However, when we got there the sunset was blocked by a huge cloud. The view was still pretty and it felt wonderful and calm. So we sat with our feet in the sand on a moroccan couch, holding hands.

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Easter Weekend @ Erikssund Manor

Douglas and Filip strolling.Saturday morning I remembered I forgot my camera at Emilia’s and since she was leaving for France while I was packing for Erikssund – none of us had time to get me the camera. With my trusty iPhone 4 I still managed to capture some of the beauty of the weekend at Filip’s brothers place.

Matjesill, eggs and even more eggs with fishegg on them.

As soon as we got there I got a quick tour of the first floor, the room where Filip and I would be staying. After some champagne, snaps and lunch we went for a walk by the lake where we saw two eagles that were impossible to catch on camera and petted the mares in the stables.

Filip fixing the curtains in our room

Mare & Foal

By the lakehouse

Doing random stuff on the bridge

Snow and sunset
Come sunset we played pool on the upperfloor and I won. I feel it important to note that I won.

We ate in the oldest room in the house. The room had previously been King Eriks old dining room after a good hunt or something like that. The details of which royalty had sat there some fivehundred years ago were fuzzy. After a delicious salmon dinner we ended the night with a game filled with trivia about world history.

Bonus picture.