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The party boat leaves at seven in the morning and it’s eleven now and I’ve done 2/6 of the questions for the microeconomy class.

Picture from the Swedish School in Kenya

When I don’t understand things I start googling them and when I can’t find what I’m looking for (90% of the time) I end up on tumblr.

When it’s close to midnight on a Saturday and I have four more problems to solve

When I see that the next question is split up into three parts

When I don’t even know where to begin

My finance skills at around midnight (I seriously almost wrote something along these lines)

When I read what I’ve written so far

School of Business


I’ve spent this weekend in Stockholm eating delicious everything, working out, studying and watching Adventure Time with my love (watch eeeet, it’s on Netflix!) I love Stockholm, but sometimes I feel like we need some time apart and then I start thinking about spending the weekends in (for example) Kenya… So I’m totally going to travel in November!

Gotta go, my lovely friend will be here in a few moments for a pj-party because we’re getting up at an ungodly hour tomorrow! Why? To get on a boat with 270 other students for a party trip!!!

Pic from a conference at Carnegie.

Party, School of Business

Stockholm School of Business parties

Our nation was France, so I dressed up as the Eiffel tower and Ms. Thatswhatshesaid was a mimer. Ermagehrd I just remembered we’re going to travel together on Sunday! EXCITEMENT!

The faddrar entertaining us new students with a lovely passionate dance routine

A student sittning at the School of Business is an evening of three-course dinners with lots of singing and performances + dancing and a confession booth! As usual it starts with a lovely förfest. The dress code varies but for this semester it’s 1 – countries, 2 – Disney! (each faddergrupp is assigned a Disney movie). 3 – Fanciness (suit and tie, evening gown).
Loads of performances happen throughout the night with competitions, humour clips, dancing, singing (including a special singing performance from the chairman himself) and so many more random entertainment events. The following video contains explicit material not appropriate for viewers under 18.

Pick-up line contest!

So in conclusion, a wonderfully fun and brilliant evening for laughing, singing, eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know one another (especially in the confession booth)!

School of Business

I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

“I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful”  Natalie Portman

I love it when I’m learning new things and putting them into my long-term memory. I hate it when it feels like I’m memorizing a bunch of facts that will never be remembered after the exam (I’m looking at you, Mintzbergs super-detailed organizational lingo!). I’m staying at home today so I can focus on learning about accounting in Sweden – something I really love doing because it is easy and I need that knowledge it in real life. I can’t stop myself from using what I’m learning in the moment, writing down my own thoughts and ideas about ideal salary cost for myself in my AB (Swedish term for corporation or Ltd) and what my “liquidity budget” would look like for my first financial report. Yes, I’m geeking out over here.

And here are some pictures I love that I found during my study breaks ♥♥♥.

To all the teachers who told me “you’re simply a language (and/or emotional) person, you can’t be good at [whatever subject] as well”. My goal is to have so much resources that I can make the research, regulations and education I find vital for societal growth happen (endorsing alternatives to chopping of the rainforest and lose our biodiversity where we’ll probably find most cures in the future, better healthcare for animals, research on the prevention of cancer, make malaria medicine available to all, harder demands on the education of our politicians who often make decisions in areas they have only read rapports about, endorsing more social recreational sports activities, engender women to base their value on their actions, not looks nor material possessions, fund neuroscience and make the perfect chocolate bar and other important things). It is absolutely disgusting that we spend more money on curing male baldness than curing malaria. Dudes, you’ve lost your hair, just shave it off. And to the 200 million who have malaria, I’m sorry we as a global society don’t prioritize the economic growth of your area and let you children lose your cognitive function and get neurological disabilities. As if your situation wasn’t hard enough.

Aaron Swartz – a hero who spoke the truth of our generation – information and knowledge should be available for all. It should neither be patented nor restricted when it causes such immense welfare losses for humanity. The people who persecuted him causing his suicide will be seen as equally horrible as the people who burned Joan of Arc for speaking the truth and those who spread knowledge for free are all honoring his memory.

School of Business

wan • der • lust – a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

omg omg omg omg. I just realized that after I have a test in accounting (31/10) and microeconomics (3/11) I’m free for more than a week (not counting lectures…). I WANT NEED TO TRAVEL! My beautiful mama is in Frankfurt this weekend talking book deals while I’m in Stockholm studying for the accounting test on Monday… I’ve been looking at some of my older pictures from the blog for inspiration! Im thinking sunny  and/or romantic  .

I miss my mom :p