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Vardagsglädje in Swedish translates roughly to everyday happiness. These are short and long excerpts from everyday things that make me smile, that I’m grateful for, that make me happy and better able to do the big stuff. In the end it’s all small stuff really, don’t you think?



Life is as good as life should be. One of my best friends received a four thousand dollar scolarship this morning, to fund the making of a really simple program that could potentially alter the way we look at learning. Another friend opened up a t-shirt company called Florange! I got support and encouragement for different “business” ideas from both friends and Swedish entrepeneurs Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius. I have two ideas for web-TV or regular ol’ TV that I’ve started e-mailing some partners about. Things are exciting and heading the right way.

The biggest lesson this week has been “You can’t wait to feel like it, because you might be waiting forever”. And if you wait long enough, you’ll be unprepared when that golden holy scheisse moment comes and you can’t do anything with it. Work hard on your goals and surround yourself with people who really support you. I can’t believe how many amazing go-getter friends I’ve had all along! And so many things are brewing in this city… Stockholm is really turning out to be the new capital of the world…



OMG OMG OMG. I am so happy right now. AND SO RELIEVED. My blog was hacked for a few months but the lovely and awesome team at Akismet fixed it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Omg! A couple of months ago I started getting a weird hollow feeling about my blog – as if it was getting hacked. And you gotta trust your gut, because I was right and soon my site url counted as spam and I couldn’t comment, send emails and was dropped by two sponsors. Everything felt awful and as I started to blog again, I didn’t want to let it discourage me.

So I e-mailed Akismet’s support team and they unspammed me really fast – ask for Mark – he’s nice.

Picture taken outside of my boyfriends family’s place in Ibiza, by the neighborhood pool.


How I became an authorized interpreter

♫ I’m the, extra explosive♫

I’M AWESOME, BOOM! I didn’t think I would have enough time to follow through with the interpreter class but I did it!!! God, I feel so happy right now. Oh ♥ languages!!! It was “just” a matter of learning interpreter ethics, knowledge, handing in assignments and do some interviews. I should have a more excited picture for this moment, but I really have to dance the energy off and then me and my lovely boyfriend are going to a movie premiere!
Monday lunch walk at Nytorget


Love and art

Today is a wonderful day
Because it is the one day we get to live
It shows up in different ways
But it always gives us the opportunity to give
It dresses up and comes in disguise
To separate the disillusioned from the wise
Today comes in the present as a gift
And it always gives us a brand new lift
The possibility of making more people smile
Seeing that life is wonderfully worthwile
New moments to be bold
New stories to be told
Today brings a new story
And the story goes the way we choose it to go
It can be utterly boring
Or a fantastic leap into the unknown
We can choose to grow and expand
To walk on stranger land
To be more
than we were before
To hold a strangers hand
And suddenly understand
That there is immense love between the two of you
And that you can choose to let it through
So be friends with today
And you’ll be friends with life itself
Because you are the only one who’s you
And you cannot be lived by anybody else.


Perfect mornings

My morning routine goes like this nowadays: 1. get kisses 2. do power yoga 3. meditate 4. study economics 5. write an article 6. put on clothes 7. make and have a delicious breakfast 8. get to work/university/martial arts class/the gym/my friends pool.