My first Things I Love Thursday

Then all of a sudden I decided that I should celebrate living in such an amazing house that I got up on the rooftops and shouted out to the world how happy I was.

I got inspired by the lovely Gala Darling for this. Unfortunately I just want to continue writing this forever. I’m either feeling perfectly content for the first time in my life or I’ve had too many syrup-y lattes.

People like Gala Darling who inspire and have real passionate and awesome goals!
 Getting kisses the last thing before you fall asleep … and the first thing when you wake up.
Deleting the comment section of my blog.
I’m tired of this constant blog-link-prostitution and the endless spamming or debate about what I wrote/did/made was good or not. This is my space and discussions can be held elsewhere. Opening my dashboard to see no new comments feels so freeing and now that I’ve set up a more secure e-mail address I love opening my inbox to happy letters from readers and partners instead of spammity spam spam.
Deciding to give the people I love nicknames on the site because of some scary shit that went down earlier this year with people finding out where I lived and e-mailing about that they saw me (or someone I love) on the bus and all that shit that I do not care for. My law-studying-friend and I are thinking of also writing up some sort of waiver of consent for the people most featured on the blog.

Vitamin D3. I will survive this winter.

My new list of things that I look forward to (might make a post about this). Because I usually forget how excited I am for things until the hype is over and it’s already passed and also because girls love making lists.
People who study hard at the library sitting around me. Goddamn you inspire me to not watch cat videos for 12 hours a day.

Everyone knows I my boyfriend but I realized some days ago I also  his photography because he’s basically one of the few people who can make my pictures look this good. Also I  when we make music together. Hopefully something good will come out of it for you to listen to.
The three little birthmarks on my smile dimples.
My mom, because I realized her love was so awesome and grandiose that it was like the protection of love Harry Potter’s mom did when he was a baby. Except, you know… she did it to save his life and my mom did it so that I would always feel loved.  Godfrey. Why oh why isn’t this man up there in comedy heaven with Louis C.K. and Bill Burr? Vlogger sXePhil proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years <<<YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO. It makes me so happy, smiley and tears-of-joy-ee that my facial muscles feel like they’re having a seizure I dare not watch it again. Seriously the only thing in the history of my life that has made me even slightly want to get married for non-legal reasons.

YOU PIGS! You make me so happy when you’re alive that I’ve decided I won’t eat your meat unless it is for survival (and I don’t think I can keep pretending that pig suffering is necessary for survival when you live in Stockholm and can afford other things).
The VIP-section of the Rigoletto Cinema (the one with booze, big seats, unlimited popcorn and soda) have added SNACKS!
Making le gifs (like this one of the always elegant ms. Aggan). I just need to figure how to make them less shitty-looking hehe.

Please feel free to e-mail pictures and text to yanjaa at yanjaa dot com about the stuff that makes you happy and I’ll make a collage!

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