Beauty, vardagsglädje

Sunshine daisies, butter mellow…Sale el sol…Sunshine and daisies – Todaysies!



I’m happy like a fool.
Filip tells me it’s very nice over there… and hey it’s only four days until I’m there too. This is really a good life. From Saturday on – there has been a shower of compliments my way. Some of the girls from school gathered ’round me when Ann and I came late to Vodoo and told me some very personal thoughts about me. That I was a drömtjej – the dreamgirl – don’t have to study to get good grades, I eat whatever the fig I want and am getting a nicer booty by the week, don’t work-out, pick up languages in places where others would only pick up diseases, re-arrange my trips left and right and am going to spend 8 splendid days with the person I adore.

 I’m careful not to take it too seriously, these heavy compliments – but it does make me  appreciate every inch of me more. And I do feel like a dreamgirl.

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