Before my morning swim today – activities of a sleepless Mongolian. 

Morning dip

Got no sleep. I felt so hollow the entire Friday . I felt zero – I wasn’t even looking forward to next weeks’ trip. Thanks Alice for coming with to Mercury and cheering me up with your stories and our plans to swoon Mr. Bradley Cooper. I SHALL succeed even if the man is way more than twice my age and a continent away, muaha! On the topic of continents, I’m headed to two asian countries this winter. I also want to go to either Korea or Mongolia because Korea (South) is awesome and because my baby sisters are at home in Ulaan Batar. I haven’t seen them since March and I miss them more than Mourinho misses winning without foul-play. 7 days until my flight soars over Asian skies. It is the same time it takes

– a sperm to reach the egg
– to die out of dehydration
– for bad weed to get out of your system
– the Christian God to create everything
– for an Australian package to arrive in Africa
– to get to the moon (assuming you have proper equipment)
– before that nice Asian girl from The Ring makes stuff happen to you.

The more you know 😉


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