Yo Soy Yanjita, che

Yanjaa Wintersoul is a 23-year-old award-winning memory athlete from Mongolia who is currently the #1 highest-ranked Female Memory Champion of the World. Within her first year of memory training she got the gold medal at the World Memory Championships for remembering names and faces, also winning the World Memory Championship team medal with Sweden. The following year she got the world record for the most names and faces ever remembered (187 international names in 15 minutes) and was the eighth person in history to achieve an International Grandmaster of Memory (which includes memorizing more than 1000 random digits in under an hour) at her second World Memory Championships.


Shortly after, she was invited to be one of the 200 global Leaders of Tomorrow at the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland for outstanding success in memory sports at such a young age and commitment in fighting against discrimination and for the initiative and courage to make a difference, as well as winning the annual Mongolian Youth Award for excellency in inspiring youth education through language learning and memory training.


Growing up in Stockholm, Mongolia and Tokyo and finishing high school in Kenya – she’s always had a growing passion for global compassion, equality and education.


With a bachelor in economics from Stockholm University and a bachelor in art history from Uppsala University, she hopes to contribute to the further adventure and development of the human race in the most fun and collaborative ways possible. Whether that’s in educational entertainment or research in theoretical physics, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, nothing would’ve ever been possible without her loving mother who instilled in her the belief that with enough curiosity and self-compassion, we are given the tools needed to pursue what’s good in the world.

Because my old intro is adorable:

Hello. I’m Yanjaa. I like funny people and books. I enjoy long romantic walks to the gym listening to Japanese folk rock. I try my best to not be a hipster, but reading what I’ve written so far I’m failing miserably.

Oh well.

Sometimes I do really interesting stuff like ride elephants and get elephant massages, sky-dive in my bikini (you gotta air that taco out), dance ‘til I can’t feel my feet or ride tiny horses. And sometimes I do really mundane things like play videogames like The Binding of Isaac, make desserts, listen to music while fantasizing about eating steaks and make soft-core music. This site is a mix of both.

And sometimes when I realize I need to eat something and that playing video games all day won’t pay my food costs (yet…) I also work with languages, comedy, dis here blehg, photography and other random projects.

 Random stuff from my resumé of random things I’ve done:


Jag är Yanjaa. En 18-årig underbar mongolisk tjej som reser och blabla. Jag tycker om språk, Barcelona och typ… Coca-Cola.

Ololol jag är för trött för att sitta och redigera den här sidan – ställ frågor istället så att jag vet vad jag ska berätta och sånt.

Du får en bättre bild av mig om du förstår vilka prestationer och erfarenheter som jag omhuldar mest:


  1. Suleman China Reply

    Like to know more about you and all the project you do. You seem very interesting person. I live in Canada. I would love to do a reality show about you and all the interesting places you visit.

  2. Ганаа Reply

    Zaaval Angilaar Bichih Yostoi Yuu ? Goy Site Bna Oor Zunduu Ym nemeerei :d

      • Sain uu? Bi tani site iig sonirhoj bgaa blv j Angliar oilgohgue hetsvv bna. ^_^

          • Hi, Could you introduce yourself in Mongolian? How to quickly learn about other languages and give some advice, please? How can quickly memorize many abroad words ? I really interested that. Can you responsible me?

  3. Hej!
    Jobbar med integrationsfrågor! Undrar om Appen du jobbar med är klar eller om jag kan hjälpa till på något sätt…?!?

  4. Hello!
    Congratulations beautiful girl!
    I enjoyed your site.
    I love your hair.

  5. I think you should show us your memorization techniques, alot of people are interested. There are websites like artofmemory.com and memory forums, but it would be interesting if you shared your personal metheods.

    • yanjaa Reply

      Cool! I guess I will! I already do at everythingmemory.com!

  6. Junas Romero Reply

    Hejsan, jag undrar vem har gjort den här underbara hemsida? Om det var du så har du gjort en väldigt bra jobb.

  7. Hi Yanjaa 🙂 …”|Please excuse my bad english|” i’m so glad to be here, i want to say that i’m having a really bad memory since an early age, and now i’m in my last year in high school and i almost lose all the hopes to memorize or understand things(lessons or even small or big details) i tried to use imagination before i know about anything in terms of technics of memorizing things … but my head start getting dizzy.. when i study for the unit exam, i lose my power and lose the confidence to study and get high marks … at the same time i really want to get at the very top(because i’m already on a success streak of being top 3 student between +60 students in my class)… i wake up early in the morning (in the weekends) but i really find difficulties to memorize a ” single tense ” (in biology for example, its the nightmare of my memorization even the teacher would draw an imagination scenes and it feels so good.. i can think about these things but i can’t remember what he just said in the last 3 seconds about the whole thing,, so i find difficulties to even translate the scene into the letters that he wants us to write in the -exam )

    but i still get high marks in exams (but it gets me down so fast year after a year …
    “when i finish studying +15 hours for the unit exam.. when i touch the papers exam and start to answer after a minute i lose ALL my mind and start thinking of how easy the questions are but yet i don’t even remember the exact answer between the two questions so i just guess and after i get my mind back i just lough at my self when i did the guess of how bad i did think and how much i failed.. its painful to get down x<
    please, do you have a training process or tips for me 🙁 ?
    Best Regards and love from Saudi Arabia 🙂 <3


  8. sain bain uu, yanjaa egch~
    i’m a high school senior from china and i’m now studying mongolian so that i can communicate with locales when i travel to mongol uls and uvur mongol. do you have some advice?
    bayarlalaa~ saihan egch

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