For some unknown reason – everything is either cheaper or for free when I’m by myself. Food, beverages, tickets, hotels – the list goes on and on. Maybe people feel sorry for loners or maybe they have an easier time approaching me when I’m alone. I have no idea and I’m starting to not care. Honestly – I get so much free stuff I could probably live off chefs finding me cute and just sit at random restaurants every day. Anyways – I ordered 8 pieces of the special rolls but I got four more pieces while I was waiting for my take-away and then the waiter tells me the chef put in some dragon rolls for me.

Life is like sushi – the concept of it is hard to grasp but if you just get over trying to define it, it’s awesome!

Free sushi! (4)

Free sushi! (3)

Free sushi! (2)

Free sushi! (1)


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