So once we woke up on the boat on Sunday, we had some assignments for a competition. “Do a Spiderman kiss, switch clothes between a guy and a girl, do a little dance, take a picture with the captain…”. So me and Clarino decided to just go after the captain. It took us an epicly long time. We could also call this post…

To Find A Captain

Sunday, October 20th 2013. 11.48

We start googling for his face. So we know what to look for. And then we start running around asking everyone who looks like staff if they know where he is. They all answer in the way that makes you think we asked them to donate their left arm. We get shrugged off in every corridor.

12.20 Approaching Mariehamn

We head to the top level and are stopped by a fence. We see a captain! And then a second one with a great beard! We start waving to them like crazy. THEY WAVE BACK!!! Then they shrug their heads. But we keep waving. For an awkward five minutes.

12.25 Captain Haddock

We see a guy who might be the captain, or at least he looks like Captain Haddock from Tintin. We wave him over and ask if we can take a picture with him, but he gets all sad and says “but me? I’m just a simple chef!”. I feel bad, we should’ve said we wanted a picture with the chef.

12.39 The face of disappointment

After waving for another fifteen minutes and being ignored we decide to abandon our mission and eat candy instead.

13.00 Stalking the staff

Two very official-looking people stand in the hallway discussing important things in Finnish (or maybe the ending to Breaking Bad, I don’t know I don’t speak Finnish). We stare at them and follow until they notice us. We ask if they know how we can get in touch with the captain. The most helpful staffer tells us the captain and him will be having a meeting in fifteen minutes close to the information desk. THE LEVELS OF EXCITEMENT WERE DISPROPORTIONATE! So we sit quietly by the info desk trying to look normal so none of the other teams find out we’re on to something…

13.13 Meeting the captain!

“Was it the two of you who were standing by the fence waving?”. Clarino doesn’t answer because she’s in a hurry to take the pictures. I say (awkwardly) “hehe… yes… sorry about that.” It was one of the proudest moments of my life just because we had spent so much time and energy trying to find him haha. Then when we got to our group they were all like “cool”. We expected them to shower us with gifts and start dancing around us in joy.


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