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Summer 2019 Yänjaa will teach a very select few the memory techniques that have helped her memorize a 300+ page catalog, thousands of images in front of an audience of half a billion and study so much faster for exams that she graduated from business school two years early.

Who would you be if you remembered more? What could you do if you could learn skills faster than your peers? How much of your life is affected by forgetfulness and how different would it be if you almost never forgot?

Would you learn learn that language you’ve been meaning to learn finally?

Would you be a better, more attentive friend, parent, partner, coworker… bad-ass boss?

How far could you go if you truly tapped into the full potential of your mind?

This summer you’ll learn just how amazing your memory can be in only four weeks, doing things from day one that you would’ve previously thought were impossible for you to ever do, be and achieve.

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Why are we limiting seats?

We are working toward our dream of having the best school in The Art of Learning How to Learn in the world and that means we need to make sure everyone who signs up is offered the maximum benefit of learning creative memory techniques. By limiting the number of seats we make sure that each and every one of our students feel that they get as much time as they need to try the courses out, give us feedback and benefit as much as possible.