Our nation was France, so I dressed up as the Eiffel tower and Ms. Thatswhatshesaid was a mimer. Ermagehrd I just remembered we’re going to travel together on Sunday! EXCITEMENT!

The faddrar entertaining us new students with a lovely passionate dance routine

A student sittning at the School of Business is an evening of three-course dinners with lots of singing and performances + dancing and a confession booth! As usual it starts with a lovely förfest. The dress code varies but for this semester it’s 1 – countries, 2 – Disney! (each faddergrupp is assigned a Disney movie). 3 – Fanciness (suit and tie, evening gown).
Loads of performances happen throughout the night with competitions, humour clips, dancing, singing (including a special singing performance from the chairman himself) and so many more random entertainment events. The following video contains explicit material not appropriate for viewers under 18.

Pick-up line contest!

So in conclusion, a wonderfully fun and brilliant evening for laughing, singing, eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know one another (especially in the confession booth)!


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