Oh my lord. I’ve had INSANELY good dreams. Incredibly happy and fun dreams. The sun and blue skies that I’m waking up to helps too! I open up something in a box called “Walking Dead – The Game” and it turns into a board game that expands into giant walls with zombies jumping out of them. I panic because the zombies look scary but then Call Me Maybe starts playing and we (the party nation) start shooting them with water guns and start flying through the air and we are super happy and it is sunny.
I’m sitting in a café having hot chocolate and cookies with Johnny Depp when all of a sudden we decide that we should go out to a library and when I’m with him he feels like an awesome big brother and Home starts playing while we’re walking towards the library. I’m holding him around his waist and he gives me a scruff on the head and people in the library look out the window and gossip about us. We go in and mess around with everything in the library and throw white powder at everyone until we fall to the floor with tummy aches because we’re laughing so hard.
God I felt so good during the entire dream… as if I always knew that awesomer things were coming my way. Every time I had a slightly bad feeling I turned it into something good. Zombies are scary but zombies with Call Me Maybe playing in the background turns into an awesome party. I love you and I hope you have even more awesome dreams than I’ve had!


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