I was on my way to the bathroom when all of a sudden I saw something move on the ground. Very helpful model he/she was.

In Motion (6)

In Motion (9)

Jo in the foreground, the camel workers trying to get someone to ride her in the middle and a fishing boat in the background.

In Motion (4)

This boat was 4 SALE if anyone of you guys is interested in owning a small boat in Mombasa.

In Motion (5)

I love close-ups. I can almost feel the sand between my toes just looking at this picture.

In Motion (2)

Jo was asking the masaai woman to make her a custom-bracelet or something.

In Motion (3)

In Motion (1)

So cute. Three brothers on a camel. I was kind of very worried that they would fall off at any moment.

In Motion (8)

So when we sat down at the bar I was so happy. Look at the view. A masaai, a camel, a fishing boat and the Indian ocean. Life is kewl 😉

Beach Play

Whazza dudes. Mombasa was incredibly warm and moist, but still cozy. There was a thin layer of clouds trying to protect us from the…

Kahama Hotel

We arrived in Mombasa City after dark and not on the South Coast mid-day as the bus Company T.S.S. Express had promised. Two bare-skinned…

Jo has arrived

Gorgeous eyes. I’ve been very busy these past few days with working, studying, doing cool stuff with Jo and trying to sleep. But now…