For the first time in my life – I love studying at an institution. I guess it’s easy when the professors are supportive and you’re studying something awesome with practical value for your immediate future. In the business economics class I’m studying accounting with a test on Monday. In national economics we’re studying all sorts of different microeconomic theories and applications with a test today (!) The interpreter class I’m going to on afternoons is ending soon because I’ve already handed in all assignments 😉

Being busy and smiley has its benefits, but the only sad part is that I have to prioritize between fun activities. On Thursday there’s a stand-up show, a night club event for young investment bankers, a dinner with Handelsbanken and the grande finale sittning for us business economy students that I’m going to. I wish I had a time-turner like Hermione. I’d probably start studying more and attending more events in the beginning but then after a while I’d probably just use it to play the Sims more.

How to say my name

Mongolian name-giving tradition: the family gathers and writes down their suggestion for the baby’s name on a piece of paper. Then you put the…