memory competitions


Look what a pretty clickbaity title I made! *squee*

The beauty of this blog… is that it is oh so quiet. Unlike other places I post on the internet.

On social networks it’s so easy for anyone to have an opinion on just about anything you say, do or share. My growing questioning of social networks as a psychological burden is not lessened by the onslaught of former tech developers calling for a change in the algorithms that have us so hooked to scrolling and surfing.

Social networks are not the best for concentration, memory capacity or mental health. I’ve heard Nicholas Carr writes about it at length in his book “The Shallows”. I’ve not yet read it, perhaps due to my attention span getting shorter. (On a “bad” day I’ll still read research to cheer myself up).

Here’s a collection of bookmarks I’ve been meaning to get to. Does anyone bookmark anymore? I feel like most use Pinterest instead of bookmarks. Anyway, this is the most procrastinating thing you can do, to save bookmarks and (pretending?) intending to get to them eventually.

How do you learn a language? by Richard Simcott (who co-organizes the Polyglot Conference!). I have been asked this question so many times I’ve lost track and I always intend to answer with this post. Only problem is, it’s in English and most people who ask me how to learn a language are usually wondering how to learn English. Bit of a catch 22 there, innit?

Sense8. A netflix original show that I both love and hate. Reasons I don’t like it can be summed up here and here. Main reason I dislike it is that it’s progressive and antiracist to the point of becoming regressive and racist, something I also intend to write about… And I love it because, the show is in the end about love and connection.

An intro into memory. I wrote a book this past summer, introducing people to memory techniques, unforgettable and fascinating stories about memory. This page helped a lot in leading me into more research.

5 Neuroscience books. I want to get my ph.D. and do neuroscience afterward, like so many of my friends seem to be doing. We’ll see how the academia side of life goes though.

Press kits. Journalists and other media people ask for pictures and facts and since I’m only one person it gets hard to keep up. This is why making a bomb af press kit would be great, but I still haven’t gotten around to that. This is what I’ve made so far. But I should probably look into the tips here and here.

Gifted. Chris Evans is a single man raising a child prodigy and the movie plays with the very real issue of our inability to understand what the better ways to raise “brilliant” children are. I watched this movie on a plane and something about flying makes movies better, so that might’ve affected my love for it. It was smarter than Will Hunting and had a more realistic depiction of what life is like for a child “genius” than most depictions in culture. Before I got on the flight, I had just read this thought on existential depression in gifted children, so it felt like an obvious choice when I saw it was available to watch on the flight.

September song arrangement. In one of the most satisfying season finales and shows of all time, Big Little Lies featured this song in its last episode. I want to make something similar soon using this song and also get a piano. Playing the piano makes me happy, it’s weird how adulthood sometimes has you forget that you’re a person with hopes and dreams and hobbies, not just some productivity bunny who does endless chores and tasks for capitalist purposes.