At 5 am Monday, Nikh texted me some awesome news. 5 am because of the time difference, not because he’s a dick. Which he is not. We got nominated for The Webby Awards for best social media campaign and are currently in first place! This makes me happy primarily because we all worked so hard, hundreds of us were working so hard to make this happen. From BBH to Freeflow productions to Facebook and of course Singapore, endless amounts of journalists and so many more that even the IKEA Human catalogue might not remember to mention because the sheer number of people working on this was far greater than 212 (the number of people that is currently possible to memorize in 15 minutes as it is the world record, held by me).

The humble brag fest continues because life is hard, always, there are always things that pain me and make me sad but in these moments I remember that there are moments when I’ve achieved something, that I’ve temporarily outplayed life and luck and destiny.

On another note, I’ve been thinking a lot about sharing my struggles since there’s always the complaint from high-achieving bragadocious people that they’re not sharing their real selves. Firstly I don’t think it’s possible to fully know a person even if you know their bad side. Second, I don’t think people actually feel better when seeing others be sad. And last but most importantly, I don’t think seeing someone’s negative or sadder aspects of their life means that is their true self.

We all have this tendency to be enamored by others up until they show us their “true selves” i.e. when they do something negative. How come we never do this when they do something positive amidst all their other negativity? Do we comment in equal gotcha manner that we’ve now figured them out? A-HA they’re actually positive and happy people?

Anyway, philosophical questions and morals aside, if you enjoy anything or everything I’ve posted, talked about or inspired you with, please feel free to vote for us. It would mean a lot to me.