Sushi at the restaurant with Andris, fake bar-hopping with him + Filip and then being at Collage for hours. It was fun in a weird way. At one point I got a very stupid idea, then everything went dark and I realized I had acted on said stupid idea and I thought I was going to get reported to the police, but luckily some few words I picked up in chem class got me out of it. Also, I really don’t  think they would’ve done it anyways.


Hi there! In November and December I’ve been working good at creating Kin-Maru – my own restaurant. December sixth was the opening day and it’s already…

Halloween @ Laroy

We started Friday night at Filips watching an easily avoidable Halloween movie and then we headed for the dancefloor. Met Jossan at the beginning…


So here’s why I didn’t blog about Tiësto night – I don’t remember much of it… at all. I took away two things from…