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Please note: I get so much email that it’s impossible for me to respond to most of it! Important note: I also read very very slowly in most languages except for Swedish. Actually, that’s not true I don’t speak most languages and the few I do speak I am terribly slow at reading in and even worse at writing in (If I did try to read everything, I’d have no time to actually, you know, make any new memories.) It’s nice to hear from you, and I read almost everything, but I just can’t write back to everyone. ごめんなさい!


  1. Hello
    I am new at memory techniques . I need them to memorize pharmacy stuff. Could you explain In a video how did you memorize Ikea catalogue because I need this kind of system for memorizing my stuff

    Thank you very much

  2. sain uu yanjaa. bi mongoloos xolbogdoj bn aa. fb ruu ni msj bichsen bga shu. bi setgulch bga ymaa. chamaas xariu xuleej bn. nadtai xolbogdooch plz 😉

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