Dictionary of stupid words


This is a dumb-term but it’s because I’m too brain-obese that I can’t come up with a better term.

Food is great. Overeating, not so much. Especially if you don’t use those calories that you’re taking in.

Information is great. Over consuming it, not so much. Especially if you don’t use that information that you’re taking in.

That’s it. That’s my description of the word. Please help me find a better term.


When you’re happy and grateful at the same time and you’re so hapful that you’re in a rush to say the words and accidentally mesh them together.


  1. Someone who knowingly farts in a very public place with multiple people who can’t escape their gases, like say, a 12-hour flight from Stockholm to Beijing.
  2. A fart that lasts halfway across the world


When you have a radar for Swedish people and Swedish things, you walk into someone’s apartment in Texas and you localize every piece of furniture that’s from IKEA or you walk into an Arabic guy on the beach in Thailand but because of his body language and accent in English you know he’s Swedish.


  1. Someone who walks in front of you and smokes so you have to either get ahead of them or just deal with…
  2. … the secondhand smoke that takes a toll on your already fragile lungs