Douglas and Filip strolling.Saturday morning I remembered I forgot my camera at Emilia’s and since she was leaving for France while I was packing for Erikssund – none of us had time to get me the camera. With my trusty iPhone 4 I still managed to capture some of the beauty of the weekend at Filip’s brothers place.

Matjesill, eggs and even more eggs with fishegg on them.

As soon as we got there I got a quick tour of the first floor, the room where Filip and I would be staying. After some champagne, snaps and lunch we went for a walk by the lake where we saw two eagles that were impossible to catch on camera and petted the mares in the stables.

Filip fixing the curtains in our room

Mare & Foal

By the lakehouse

Doing random stuff on the bridge

Snow and sunset
Come sunset we played pool on the upperfloor and I won. I feel it important to note that I won.

We ate in the oldest room in the house. The room had previously been King Eriks old dining room after a good hunt or something like that. The details of which royalty had sat there some fivehundred years ago were fuzzy. After a delicious salmon dinner we ended the night with a game filled with trivia about world history.

Bonus picture.


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