I was some sort of dead princess at last Wednesdays party with bloody gloves and a crown. Best remix of the night was Come With Me by Aoki + Polina. For legal reasons I can’t tell you the most fun things we did that night or where I found that belt. But I remember giving a bat to a Chilean bartender and being carried by the DJs to find F and wanting to crowdsurf but then giving up and I ended up hiding in the speakers. I danced on the tables, sitting on the barside and the DJ booth so much that my butt and feet were swollen for an entire day after that. We went there as a mixed group but while there I met the two gay J’s and Freddie (!) who helped me out of some trouble with a huge misunderstanding with a guard.

I’m really not a party girl. Japanese history in my underwear, a blanket and some orange juice by the fire is more of a nice Wednesday for me. But I reckon I won’t be clubbing when I’m sixty-four so it’s better to squeeze it in now.


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