The Nairobi Sky
Picture I took of the country they said I would never visit with the camera they said I would never get (Kenya, Canon Eos 5D Mark II)

Be brave.

For life is too important for me to spend it with half-assed bullshitters. You either dream and make your own luck or you aim low and believe you’ve been dealt the cards you have. You either care about the life in your years or the years in your life. You either love me or you don’t. Now the rest of you can get the fuck out of my life right now.

You’re going to die.

Do you really want me in your life? Do you really want to spend your ONE life the way you’ve planned it? Isn’t your ONE life too important to go waste? My darlings I have seen, felt, heard of enough death to know that you’ll regret settling for less than your heart desires.

Now go.

Your life is ending one minute at a time. And you’re wasting it reading about and looking at other people’s lives.



  1. Den där bilden är ju skitsnygg. Lägg upp den i större resolution! :>

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