Something I discovered whenever I landed in Sweden in Geoguessr was that most of Sweden’s total land (65% of it) is covered with forests. I also discovered that although I love being in Swedish forests IRL because it is so soothing it feels like The Shire from LoTR, one does not simply find roadsigns in Swedish forests in Geoguessr. Maybe this is where fellow Swede Anton Wallén got the idea from.

Anyways we hung out in the forest in south Stockholm by a lake called Gömmaren (the hider). Julia hurt her foot on the side of the cliffs so it started bleeding furiously and she had to wear Igge’s shoes because her own shoes sat too tightly. So after dinner on the rocks we headed home in the metro. One girl limping and bleeding in five sizes too large converse, one dude without any shoes to speak of, another dude yelling jokes with two boxes of wine and one Asian girl carrying ALL the bags. We looked very sane.


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