We arrived in Mombasa City after dark and not on the South Coast mid-day as the bus Company T.S.S. Express had promised. Two bare-skinned girls stepping out into the very conservative muslim city that never sleeps. Street kids begging for money, matatudrivers trying to get customers into their vans and everyone trying to sell us something. Now this had been fine in Nairobi, except now we were too tired and too stressed about where to sleep to handle it.

Kahama Hotel (4)

In a moment of clarity Jo decides that we shouldn’t try to get into the white vans and hitch a ride to the South Coast after dark. So we sleep at the overpriced Castle Royal Hotel.
After breakfast I hustle with some people and fix everything that went wrong the other day. Finding us a hotel at half the price and rides to and from the hotel all the way to Nairobi.
We arrive at the gorgeous hotel. The reception has gorgeous arabic relaxing chairs. We are escorted to our rooms by a masaai. An enormous queen-size bed and the room even smells nice.
Our view is of a whole family of monkeys.

Kahama Hotel (3)

Kahama Hotel (1)


Kahama Hotel (5)
The beach is a two minute walk away and just outside the hotel is a nice lounge place with pool tables and a big screen for footie games – happiness.

 Kahama Hotel (2)


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