Some days, you just know you’re looking good.

There’s really not much to say about last night. We ate at Art. I devoured a beef medallion with fries sans vegetables.

Confidence shone through last night. Highest level of scandalous suggestions, compliments and marriage proposals to date, felt nice.


Emilia had an unquestionably gorgeous dark lip color.

Then we drove in the party van to Qué Pasa… yet again.


We had heard that they were not letting anyone from the Swedish school in. So some degree of worry was among us.


But of course we got in, because we know the staff and managers. But I felt sorry for the rest of the school who froze outside at times. Jameson and Cuba Libres. Remixes of Teenage Crime and Levels.


A nice, subtle evening.

Some drama with fighting and whatnot. I stayed out of it. And then after some girl-talk, I slept in Emilia’s room. And I SLEPT. My theory is affirmed! At the moment – I need to sleep next-to someone I feel safe with in order to enter sandman. Come to think of it, I remember having this problem when I was younger as well. Not being able to sleep and then asking mom to hold me. I then went to sleep in a matter of seconds and then she went to her bedroom when I fell asleep.

I should have people just hanging out in my room until I fall asleep. Or get Jojjo to bring me my giant Pooh Bear bear to cuddle up with. Oooh she’s coming in three weeks!



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