Today is a wonderful day
Because it is the one day we get to live
It shows up in different ways
But it always gives us the opportunity to give
It dresses up and comes in disguise
To separate the disillusioned from the wise
Today comes in the present as a gift
And it always gives us a brand new lift
The possibility of making more people smile
Seeing that life is wonderfully worthwile
New moments to be bold
New stories to be told
Today brings a new story
And the story goes the way we choose it to go
It can be utterly boring
Or a fantastic leap into the unknown
We can choose to grow and expand
To walk on stranger land
To be more
than we were before
To hold a strangers hand
And suddenly understand
That there is immense love between the two of you
And that you can choose to let it through
So be friends with today
And you’ll be friends with life itself
Because you are the only one who’s you
And you cannot be lived by anybody else.


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