The last week of March is here! MADNESS! The first three months of 2018 have been so slow and so fast at the same time… I’m so excited, Remy (my sweet puppy) is also excited! This excitement is contagious y’all!

I’m excited because I vlogged, specifically about the memory book that changed my life. Vlogging is one of those things I really love doing but I haven’t developed the habit of doing fully… yet. One idea about how to start developing a new habit is to combine it with a habit you already have (according to professor BJ Fogg at Stanford University). I’ve noticed I have a little lull in my time every Saturday where I watch YouTube videos and think about one day shooting videos… Now, I’ve decided to link that time with filming as well. In addition, using the added incentive of external accountability will help (saying publicly that you’ll post every week and creating the expectation of new memory videos every Monday) and linking with alliteration makes most memories much more memorable! Memory Monday! #MemoryMonday, so far a hashtag only championed by me…😉

I’m hoping to be able to post one video answering your questions about memory every Monday at around 9 am in the morning in the Americas (meaning during the day in Africa + Europe and at night in most of Asia).

I’m also excited because I’m going to work in Asia next month and have made some time to go on a vacation as well while over there… エキサイティング!We’re also hopefully shooting the last scenes of the documentary I’ve been filming on and off since 2015… Bittersweet to say goodbye but hopefully the start of a different part of our journey together once it reaches film festivals!

On Wednesday we have the Swedish book club meeting, so far I’ve read half of this month’s choice – Linn Ullman’s De oroliga – and it’s been a tough read in not the best way so far… I’m really excited about hearing what the others have to say and catch up with them as well though. 😀

I am also preparing to participate in at least three memory competitions this year, starting a mini bootcamp today. I’ve been training minimally in 2018 because I have been reading a lot and have had a more introspective period in the past months with just the occasional training matches online on Memory League… I have to work harder now, even though I placed 1st in my division this season, being in division 1 is hard even if you are ranked second in the leaderboard for a moment… I’ve got some catching up to do if I want to be sure I can finish strong. Also, let me know if you want to join The Memory League! The first weeks are free and after that I’m pretty sure I can get you at discounted annual membership and we can play against each other if you want!

We might be having a potluck and I’ve made vegan brownies, recipes and all that will be shared soon enough on instagram.com/yanjaa.

On Sunday I’ll tell you all about a very controversial book about a very controversial topic – The Selfishness of Others – by Kristin Dombek, I’ve enjoyed reading it so so so much. It’s about our fear of narcissism and self-absorption, what we think of it as being and how we relate to it, react to it and what the reality of it might be instead…

I’m hoping to be able to get my fortune told through tarot card readings sometime this week, because even if you’re a skeptic I think it’s good for you to try different things out… like LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE! This was totes prescribed by Krista Suh who wrote DIY Rules for a WTF World.  About a week ago I wrote about it extensively in the previous post without editing myself.

As for working out I’m hoping to go swimming, climbing and rollerskating with friends this week after work… Even if plans don’t work out I’m kind of hoping I’ll be zen enough to deal with all of the unexpected. 😀 I hope you have an awesome week! 😀


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