Herro. Today was a very nice day at the restaurant with full seating and lots of new sushi that the staff got to create, taste and deliberate over. Near closing time F, Igor & André came over and ate before we headed to Flyings. I’m still super excited whenever people tell us our sushi is the best sushi they’ve ever had! (!!!) At Flyings I had a shaken Snow Breeze and Jimmy tried whisky for the first time ever. I’ll probably blog more tomorrow, because I like writing even if I don’t show it. Same with languages – I talk about the fact that I love them more than I actually spend the time learning ze actual languages. Like Japanese, I should get on that. I bought some china from a Japanese man at Tegnérgatan and he gave me a discount because I asked him everything in Japanese. “Sumimasen, pureito ga arimasu ka?”. And then before I left he said “ganbare!” (= keep going, go for it, do your best). So I really should. Because I love Japanese. It just feels so right. Well, this text escalated quickly. Auf wiedersehen.

Mon visage en ce moment… je suis un peu fatigue àpres avoir travailler toute la journèe…

Boissons et la langue de mon amour… trés charmant


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