Life is as good as life should be. One of my best friends received a four thousand dollar scolarship this morning, to fund the making of a really simple program that could potentially alter the way we look at learning. Another friend opened up a t-shirt company called Florange! I got support and encouragement for different “business” ideas from both friends and Swedish entrepeneurs Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius. I have two ideas for web-TV or regular ol’ TV that I’ve started e-mailing some partners about. Things are exciting and heading the right way.

The biggest lesson this week has been “You can’t wait to feel like it, because you might be waiting forever”. And if you wait long enough, you’ll be unprepared when that golden holy scheisse moment comes and you can’t do anything with it. Work hard on your goals and surround yourself with people who really support you. I can’t believe how many amazing go-getter friends I’ve had all along! And so many things are brewing in this city… Stockholm is really turning out to be the new capital of the world…


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