Nothing special happened. I just woke up happy, joyful and grateful. Today is a wonderful day. Began the morning with ABBA and continued on listening to the entire Sorry For Party Rocking album by LMFAO. Had random conversations with Jo and Agnes and I felt instantly happy 🙂

Andris and I had a food-eating competition that he won with the steaks above I guess…

Darling Agnes & Andris

Jo and I in the water

Darling Jo.

Filip linked this. So beautiful. I was crying sobbing when I saw this. Especially in the beginning (00:16) and at the end when they’re just smiling and they know they’ve “made it”. So gorgeous.

And last but not least – I say hello to you in my voice. Yes, now you can hear my voice. Exclusively on!

And hey, if you didn’t enjoy my mumblings – at least you got an epic sax solo at the end 😉

Have a good night life 😀


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