Breakfast (11 of 11)

I passed out so hungry last night. I kept having nightmares that I had overslept and missed the brunch. I didn’t but as I was setting up for a good ol’ pic by the poolside the sunchair tipped over, I fell furiously fast and food all over me. With sticky mix remainders of applejuice and yoghurt between my buttcheeks I walked a horribly uncomfortable walk back to the kitchen and prepared for second breakfast. I have no time for second breakfast. I have to study.

Breakfast (10 of 11)
Just a picture of a towel that I like.

Linnéa, Gabriella

Breakfast (8 of 11)
Breakfast (9 of 11)

All of them are fundraising to build schools and businesses in Kibera 🙂



  1. Hahaha Yanjaa, din blogg är ju fet!! jag älskar bilden då du tappat ut all yoghurt!! jag kommer nog baxa lite bilder av dig om det är ok?!

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