I spent my last days of the South East Asian Tour in Bangkok or Krung Thep as the Thais call it. My home was by the longest street in all of Bangkok, Sukhumvit. Which I didn’t know at the time. “Radisson on Sukhumvit Road please”, I said one night to a myriad of taxi drivers. I hadn’t bothered learning which Sukhumvit I lived on – all the cab drivers asked me politely to step out of their car because I was wasting their time.

Radisson Bangkok (5)

The place was absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous rooftop pool, cool gym, fresh conference rooms and delicious food. The room service was superb and the room had an awesome control system with which you could do, decide and order every single thing imaginable. Internet, TV, temperature, more lemon shakes, music, movies etc. The list was endlessly overwhelming – which was the main reason why I spent my days relaxing there and my nights outside. But honestly the food – oh. my. god. I’ve had dreams about that burger more than one time since coming back to Nairobi. So delicious. I need to know how they make that meat taste like that.

Radisson Bangkok (4)

Because Sukhumvit counts as the “main street” of Krung Thep – you could find almost anything within walking distance. I spent my nights wandering, getting lost on purpose to find the most hidden and coolest spots. Sushi-restaurants on the cheap, all-you-can-eat steak places and a street that was so downright diry and sinful it made Vegas look like Chuck E Cheese. But that’s another post.

Radisson Bangkok (1)
Complimentary Caesar salad with that delicious lemon shake which was my stimulant beverage of choice during the entire Thailand-trip.

One of the most central places in Krung Thep is Terminal 21. A shopping mall beyond compare. They have every boutique, every delicious ice-cream shop, every style of restaurant. The mall is structured like an airport and every floor is a different terminal with a whole other vibe. Oriental floor, British floor etc. I stopped at level 4 because a) I bumped into a gang of Barcelonians as I was rushing up the escalators and b) charmed by their accents I went to their recommended steakhouse.

Radisson Bangkok (3)

It was delicious, rare and delicious. 600g of pure deliciousness. With fries. I think I have to move to Argentina soon. Their steak-reputation is awesome and I really need a place that understands my obsession with steaks. No fries, no salad. Just a bloody steak. Mmmm. Life.

Radisson Bangkok (2)
Breakfast at the steakhouse in my last day of Bangkok.



  1. Omg jag har också bott på Sukhumvit I bangkok!!!! 😀 “sukhumvit soi see sip gao eller nåt sånt!!

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