We’ll soon be launching the first set of official Wintersoul Academy Memory Magic goodies here. Keep in touch and you’ll get exclusive behind the scenes material and a firsthand look at all that we’re brewing… PLUS – promotions and offers only for insiders!

Until then, here are all the tools and services I use on a daily and weekly basis that help me live my most memorable and fun life.

  • ClassPass. With ClassPass I have access to every. class. WORLDWIDE 🌍 with ONE PASS! Instead of joining one gym, I joined thousands. Every week I can do anything from climbing, MMA, Pilates to straight-up self care like getting a massage or getting my hair done 💁‍♀️ . While preparing for long trips I even got some acupuncture done to help my back and it’s such a comfort knowing I have access to fitness anywhere from Hong Kong to Hawaii 🌴
    With the link, no need to stay subscribed if you don’t like it – just sign up and go to the gym for free for a month, or get a massage on the house! 💆🏻‍♀️
  • Memory League. An online community where we compete in memory. The most active online memory tournament with a fun leveling up progress bar and much more.
  • Get $5 to try privacy’s secure debit cards online. Ever feel weird about putting in all your credit/debit card details into a form when buying things online? With you can create a temporary card for just that transaction or only that store, so you can feel safe that no one is using up your money on weird stuff you never ordered in the first place.
  • Shoott. The most helpful photography service with stunning fashion shoot level portraits that you can get for only 15 dollars a picture! You own full rights + if you use my link you get 10% off your first purchase.
  • Ting. When I first moved to the US I was astounded at just how expensive phone calls, texts and data is! With Ting I only pay for what I use and set a limit those months I seem to be using up all the data. No hidden fees, just $25 in credit when you sign up.
  • SiteGround. All my hosting, domain registering and website functionality is thanks to the wonderful team at SG.
  • Amazon Prime. Any book I want is sent to me within a few hours or max 2 days when I want to read it, when I need to read it.