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So this is a long overdo post with pictures and a video from the Vietnam trip.

A very cool and nice video I made for you 😀

Snapshots from Vietnam (6)

Little Vietnamese girl selling fans on the night market.

Snapshots from Vietnam (7)

BBQ with whole fishies…

Snapshots from Vietnam (8)

Cutest little guy following me and my camera around.

Snapshots from Vietnam (1)

Taking the night boat to the smaller towns.

The Captain!

Waiting for the dayboat – Vietnamese style. The hat cost less than the Pringles.

Coco-drink on the boat. My dollar shirt from Krabi and my trusty Guess-bag from NYC. Ah, to feel so international.

Big statue of a monk mid-day.

That is all for now. I have more classes to attend. Have a nice time ’til next post!


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