On Wednesday and Friday, me and my lovely boyfriend strolled to the park. We tried to go to the movies as a regular old couple instead of sitting at home killing zombies. We were supposed to watch The Royal Affair at first but then they replaced that with a show of opera and modern dance. “It feels like they’re trying to trick us into liking avant-garde art” and we didn’t have the energy for that so we went home. We tried it a second time on Friday and watched the not-so-romantic movie The Fly. Don’t see it if you have problems with disgusting body phenomena. Yikes, I shiver when I think of almost any scene whatsoever from it (and when I think of the Russian girl who sat in front of us who seriousy made the same aayng noises like Arnold Schwarzenegger every time she laughed or got scared / disgusted ). Otherwise, I have gone to the movies with other fine people for Monsters University 3D and Elysium which were as good as expected.


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