today i woke up, went to a class, went to the beauty saloon, had some stuff done there, went to art, ate with lovisa, studied and then went home and ate some more. then i spent more than three hours doing nothing. like nothing. not like oh my god watching series or listening to music or playing plants vs. zombies. i literally did nothing. how does one not do anything? you might ask – well by not knowing what to do.

so here i am. writing a blog post about how i spent three hours of life just sitting there. not thinking, doing or being anything – just nothing.

here is me with frozen coke, ’twas delicious and well worth the 30 bob

here is the sexy booblady i promised in the title

and here is my cute and tired blogging face.

and here is a paper i’m writing on penises

it can only go upwards from here.


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