First thing I do coming back to the city? Run to the hairdressers and then out to the club where we hung out with and met awesome people like always. I had so much fun last night I took no pictures but luckily Riz was on it 😉




The gorgeous couple – Danni & Marisa



HI GUYS! It’s been an interesting week to say the least and to top it off I went out partying last night… 😛

 I’ve just been out doing chores and then sunbathing… life is so very nice. I’ll be posting the Rain Forest / Lake Victoria pictures these coming days and until then – here is some camera play pics I took for you 😉 Love y’all!

Song: “Giving Up” – Ingrid Michaelson – she seems to always sing my feelings for the moment. I hope I’ll be singing “You and I”  when I’ve cleared out my negative thoughts.

While we’re eating the lights go out and don’t come back – Kenyan style. So we move the party out to the parking lot where we can see each other.

lights out at que pasa (4)

lights out at que pasa (2)

lights out at que pasa (1)

Elin + Emilia

Parking Lot Party (7)

Yanjaa 😉

Parking Lot Party (9)

Malin + Hedvig

Parking Lot Party (5)

Issa, Max, Tinii, Hugo

Parking Lot Party (6)

Parking Lot Party (1)

Tinii, Max

Parking Lot Party (4)

Maria & Elin

Parking Lot Party (3)

Tinii, Andy

Parking Lot Party (10)

Maria, Sayanoy, Malin

Hi there! My classmate – the legendary miss Clara Brandt (19) and her equally legendary big sister Stina Brandt (21) are doing incredible work here in Nairobi. You can read about it here and on there is also the awesome opportunity to donate to something more awesome then spending your next dollars on a latte.

Very cool sisters.

What can I say? They’re both incredibly bright and have lead a much more exciting lifestyle in their young lives than most people do in a lifetime. French boarding schools, skiing instructing in the alps etc. etc.

Clara teaching Life Skills.

Stina and the students of St. Christine Community Centre!

Share / visit / donate / do something.


I was on my way to the bathroom when all of a sudden I saw something move on the ground. Very helpful model he/she was.

In Motion (6)

In Motion (9)

Jo in the foreground, the camel workers trying to get someone to ride her in the middle and a fishing boat in the background.

In Motion (4)

This boat was 4 SALE if anyone of you guys is interested in owning a small boat in Mombasa.

In Motion (5)

I love close-ups. I can almost feel the sand between my toes just looking at this picture.

In Motion (2)

Jo was asking the masaai woman to make her a custom-bracelet or something.

In Motion (3)

In Motion (1)

So cute. Three brothers on a camel. I was kind of very worried that they would fall off at any moment.

In Motion (8)

So when we sat down at the bar I was so happy. Look at the view. A masaai, a camel, a fishing boat and the Indian ocean. Life is kewl 😉

Whazza dudes. Mombasa was incredibly warm and moist, but still cozy. There was a thin layer of clouds trying to protect us from the sun to no avail. Like the last time in Mombasa I fell ill the moment I got back home. Shitsticks.

Beachness (4)

Beachness (2)

Notice the woman with the coconut on her head.

Beachness (6)

Beachness (5)

Beachness (1)

Beachness (3)

Beachness (7)

Beachness (8)

My legs to the right and Jo’s to the left, to the left.